Saturday, December 12, 2015

Advent Update

I can't believe we are halfway through Advent. Tomorrow is Gaudete Sunday, one of only two days in the year when the Church puts aside her penitential purple for joyful rose.


In the conventional sense, you might say I am behind in my Christmas preparations. Tight budgets can do that, although this year's budget will be more generous than a year ago. I haven't bought a single gift, but this morning I made out my gift list and I have a plan for each person. Well, almost everyone.

I invited some people for Christmas Eve between the Vigil Mass and the late Mass. So instead of our traditional sit-down dinner of spaghetti and sauce and fish cakes, I have planned hors d'oeuvres. We have a small dining room, there is just not space to sit nine or ten people. I decided this year, instead of just not inviting people because our house is small, to get over it and invite them anyway.

Christmas Day we will spend at home, just us. Unless we get an invitation, but I don't see one forthcoming. We usually do this when we aren't traveling, and  it is very peaceful.

Boy17 is planning a get-together for his friends as well, in the week after Christmas. Again, tight space but he wants to host anyway.

With all of this hosting coming up, we will have a project on to declutter and clean. That can't be a bad thing.

Boy17 has been accepted to the faithful Catholic college of his choice, and has already been notified of a scholarship award. We are praying that the aid, scholarships and work study will all work out for him to attend without burying himself in student loan debt.

Boy11 advanced another degree in his karate junior black belt. Karate was the best decision we every made for him. This semester he is surprisingly loving his Shakespeare class at homeschool co-op. He is very excited to be playing Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream up next. Yes, they skip certain scenes. It's done workshop style; they all have scripts and read from / act them out. It's not rehearsed and it's not performed. I was pretty sure when I signed him up he would quit after the first quarter. It's been a pleasant surprise.

Hubbyman continues to be busy at work and at Church. He is putting on a breakfast for the parish tomorrow. His business seems to be status quo, which in this economy I count a blessing.

My Church job is an adventure every day. Who knew what goes on behind the scenes in a parish office? I am also gearing up for my seasonal job which will start in January. My eBay store is doing okay, I'm at least not losing money while I divest of lots of books we just don't need anymore. I wish sales were more brisk, but used books are not movers.

I picked up an old manuscript I worked on about six years ago. I have all new ideas for it, and I think I can work the characters and premise, which I happen to really like, into a decent romance along the theme of healing from the sexual wounds of our current culture of death.

I've got a pretty tight schedule from here on out until Christmas. I worked up a new planner for myself which I just ordered from Lulu. If I like it, I might put up a generic one for public consumption. You'll be the first to know. I'm trying to live it and appreciate it and thank God for it every day. As my one friend always reminds me, "God is good all the time!"

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