Saturday, July 23, 2016

Daybook 2016.07.23

Outside my is hot and humid. Staying in with the air conditioning on.

I am thinking...about getting rid of clutter.

I am thankful...that we have a roof over our heads and manage to get by. And that I am getting a raise come September.

I am wearing...An old floral skirt with a rip that I use on housecleaning days, plus a stained old top. Very chic.

I am creating...a blog.

I am confession this afternoon.

I am different life will be in six weeks with Boy18 off at school.

I am reading...not really reading. I'm writing a novel, so I can't concentrate on reading anything else.

I am listening ...nothing. It's quiet except for the fan blowing the cool air into my office.

I am watching...Downton Abbey Season 6 and Doctor Who Season 4.

I am hoping...that I can get caught up at work tomorrow before the new week begins.

I am learning...humility and meekness. Still. Still.

Around the office desk, and old secretary moved to the living room. Looks sweet.

In the kitchen...cucumber with sour cream, and a whole chicken on the grill.

I am pondering...writing.

A quote..."Life - uh - finds a way." - Malcolm in 
Jurassic Park

A favorite new desk.

I am upcoming menu. I've fallen off the wagon meal planning and it is really hurting our evenings and budget.

A photo...
I went to a breakfast meeting recently at a grand old club that looked like Hogwarts.

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