Sunday, July 24, 2016

Easy Cheap Antipasto

I hesitate to even tag this post as a recipe....

Does your supermarket sell deli ends? What are they, you ask? Our local chain supermarket saves the ends from meat and cheese, when they are too thin to go through the slicer anymore. They package a few up together and price it at a deep discount per pound.

Today I strolled past the deli case on my way to get hamburger buns. HubbyMan had decided to make beer can burgers and we had no buns. I always glance at the deli case to see if they've put out any ends. Score!

I got one that was predominantly provolone, and a seconds package predominantly salami and pepperoni. Can you say antipasto?

I diced up the cheese and the meat into small cubes. I added from the fridge banana pepper rings, green olives and diced sundries tomatoes. I poured over a little olive oil and red wine vinegar, and sprinkled with just a touch of my favorite pink salt. Appetizer! And for less than $8 I made over a quart of the stuff. Compare to what I would have paid by the pound at the deli, this is a real budget booster, too.

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