Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Daybook 2016.08.03

Outside my is hot and sunny. My front garden needs weeding. Why is it that during a drought only the weeds grow?

I am thinking...about Shakespeare.

I am thankful...that my car is getting a new set of sneakers today!

I am housecleaning ratty old clothes, again. It's Wednesday after all.

I am creating...hmmmm...afraid I haven't been doing much to create anything this week.

I am a meeting tonight. I do that a lot.

I am wondering...if I will ever be organized.

I am reading...
Rafferty and Llewellyn

I am listening Sultans Of Swing on iTunes. One of my very favorite songs of all time.

I am watching...Downton Abbey Season 6 and Doctor Who Season 4. Still. Just watched the Peter Jackson King Kong. I thought the beginning and end were very good. The middle could have been an hour shorter. I think we watched the extended version, though.

I am hoping...that I can get through the hectic schedule this August. September 1 is looking good.

I am politics.

Around the house...dishwasher died, waiting on a new one. The plumbing needs work first.

In the kitchen...not much today. Boy11 and I are eating out tonight between karate and my meeting. The other two are on their own.

I am pondering...writing. Story lines. Romance. Mystery.

A quote..."My cake is dough." - Gremio, The Taming of the Shrew, Act V, Scene I.

A favorite spiffy car. Retro-wagon, really.

I am planning...Boy18's graduation and going away party.

A photo...

Sometimes my desks get out of control

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