Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Review: The Lake House Secret


The Lake House Secret by Debra Burroughs is the first book in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series. It is set in a small town in Northern California and features a young protagonist who is an investigative reporter. Burroughs has experience as a romance writer, and her skill in that genre was evident throughout this book. It did manage to stay "cozy" with nothing explicit, just heavy on the romance, which I don't mind. The story was a bit slow to develop as we learned much about the main character, her family and her past. The murder in this book was an old one, only just discovered. This was more of a romantic suspense than a whodunnit, with the solution to the crime coming from a surprising source. Living in a small-sized city myself, many things about the setting, the interweaving of the lives of the main characters, and the way of life rang true. It might seem to be a stretch that Jenessa's father's biggest client owned most of the town, including the newspaper she works for, and that she had once dated his son. Since moving myself to a rust-belt, one-industry town on the Great Lakes my eyes have been opened to just how close-knot and interrelated a small town can be.

All in all this was an enjoyable light read. It wasn't a great puzzle or great literature, but a satisfying diversion.

This counts as a book for the Mount TBR 2017 reading challenge, as I downloaded this book in 2016.

Fine Print: I received an ebook version of this book as a free book from Amazon which I hunted down myself. I made no promises regarding reading or reviewing this book.

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