Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Book Review: Trick Question


Trick Question is the third installment in the tales of hard-boiled New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet. Author Tony Dunbar weaves a tale that manages to be gritty, funny and full of NoLa food and culture.

Tubby is called in at the last minute as co-counsel for the defense in a capital murder trial. With a week to cobble together a defense, he enlists the help of his private-eye-on-retainer, euphemistically named Flowers, and his secretary Cherrylynn. The case is entirely circumstantial and Tubby pins his hopes, and the defendant's life, on cultivating reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors by offering  a selection of other people with potential motives to kill.

Sub-plots abound here. That, and the extra time spent on characterization and backstories, not to mention several loose ends untied at the end, hallmark this firmly as a serial tale. Dunbar evokes characters and places, and especially food, with skill. Don't dive into this read on an empty stomach. You've been warned. Although marketed as hard-boiled, Tubby hardly brings us out of the cozy genre. Some brief sexually descriptive scenes are here, but they have a purpose in developing one of the sub-plots.

This counts as a book for the Mount TBR 2017 reading challenge, as I downloaded this book in 2016.

Fine Print: I received an ebook version of this book as a free book from Amazon which I hunted down myself. I made no promises regarding reading or reviewing this book.

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